The step in becoming a plumber is to acquire the necessary training to qualify for a certificate iv in plumbing and services. It is also known as the Licensed Plumber’s Certification. This is an examination that can be taken to prove one’s worth as a licensed professional who has completed all the necessary courses to attain the plumber’s certification. This will then be recognized by the state as proof that the individual has been thoroughly trained and competent to handle plumbing tasks.

You, as a qualified plumber, are required to have at least a diploma in hand. Your choice of training program will determine if you obtain your certificate iv in plumbing and services through classroom learning or through blended learning. The training that you receive will include both classroom learning and hands-on experience.  The coursework is generally held in a traditional classroom, but some may utilize technology such as video conferencing, lectures, and discussions boards.

Builders Academy Certificate IV in Plumbing & Services

In order to successfully complete the Certificate IV in plumbing and services, you should possess the following technical skills: you should have good mathematical and reading skills; you should have basic computer skills; you should have good customer service skills; and, you should be able to follow instruction, take accurate notes, write concisely and accurately, and understand what the examiner is asking you to accomplish. You will need to complete specialized course work that is related to your job description. Some of this course work will be classroom based, and others will be field-based.

When students complete their courses, they will be issued a Professional Plumber’s License (PPL). Then, they will be required to take the state licensing exam (Reverse B) and pass it with a certain score. There are two ways to study for these tests. Some students opt for a self-study course structure where they follow directions and learn everything they need to know by themselves; while, other students utilize a classroom course structure where an instructor leads a group of students through the process of learning how to perform specific tasks using a prescribed system of textbooks, workbooks, and worksheets. The Plumbing and Inspection Certification Board (PICB) offers training and support for people who want to become professional plumbers.

The certificate iv in plumbing and services does not simply qualify you to be a plumber, but it also provides the “professional” edge over those who choose not to acquire this qualification. By taking this exam, you are proving to potential employers that not only do you have the knowledge, but you have the practical experience to go beyond the minimum requirements of state certification requirements and achieve industry-respected positions. This ensures that you will be able to move forward in the field and will provide your clients with professional results and quality service.

To gain this qualification, you must first take a course in plumbing or one of the approved alternatives. Upon successful completion of the course in plumbing and services, you will then be mailed your certificate. Although this qualification is targeted towards individuals who work in the field, there are other career opportunities that you will be qualified for if you do not have this certificate. For example, if you are interested in pursuing a career as a sewage specialist, you would not need the certificate in plumbing and services.