Kayak fishing is a great way to experience the water without having to lug a boat. But before you buy a kayak, it’s important to find one that has the speed, stability and performance you’re looking for. For further information about Kayaks, kindly check out More Info.

Fishing kayaks come in a variety of hull types. Some are self-bailing, which means they have holes in the hull that drain water to prevent a sinking situation. Others are made of composite materials, which are more expensive, but offer better performance and weight.

Jackson MayFly Kayak

The MayFly is an innovative fishing kayak from Jackson Kayak that’s designed specifically for fly fishermen. It features a versatile hull that is optimized for tracking, stability and speed, ideal for tropical flats, slow-moving rivers and lakes.

The hull is constructed with high-density polyethylene using rotational molding technology, which creates a one-piece construction that’s both lightweight and highly durable. It is also UV-resistant and rot-proof, which makes it more resistant to wear and tear over time.

It also features flip-down fly boxes in the gunnels that hold foam fly patches. This kayak is also snag-free with a snag-proof foot brace and gear track and encased, flush hatched storage areas.

Jackson’s engineers also went out of their way to make the deck fly-fishing friendly, which means they removed everything that a line could snag on. This includes the footrests, tackle box/fly patch storage areas and even the knobs on the deck.

Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL Kayak

When choosing the best fishing kayak, consider your needs. Do you want a kayak that’s easy to get in and out of on the water or shore? If so, opt for a sit-on-top (SOT) style kayak.

These kayaks are the most popular and are also the most affordable. They’re a great choice for all types of paddlers, including kids and adults alike.

Pedal drive kayaks are a popular option for many anglers, as they allow you to fish without having to paddle the boat yourself. They’re a lot of fun to ride and make for an excellent experience.

The Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL is the perfect choice for a family of fishermen or a couple that wants to go fishing together. It’s an efficient pedal kayak that’s easy to maneuver and offers good glide and tracking abilities.

Perception Outlaw 11.5

If you’re a fisherman who wants to enjoy the activity from a more exciting angle, a kayak is a great choice. It offers outstanding stability, room to store gear, and it’s relatively lightweight.

If stability is your priority, the Perception Outlaw 11.5 is a great kayak for you. It offers excellent stability and tracking, which is ideal for slow-moving lakes and rivers.

It also has a high-perch seat that can be removed and stored when not in use. You can also stow a 35-liter cooler under the seat for stand-up fishing.

The newest generation in affordable fishing, the Outlaw 11.5 integrates industry-firsts including a stowaway seat for complete deck walkability and space for up to a 35L cooler. Elevated seating allows for the highest fishing vantage ever in a kayak and extends time on the water by easily transitioning to a standing position. Two “double-barrel” rod holders offer the ultimate multi-rod setup.

Bonafide SS127

When YakAttack founder Luther Cifers drew his first breath as a kayak fisherman, he set out to create the ultimate paddle fishing kayak. The Bonafide SS127 was born, and it is the result of months of R&D to bring the Ultimate FishabilityTM.

The SS127’s Hybrid Catamaran Hull design was developed to deliver stability while still providing a smooth, fast ride on the water. It also allows for quick tracking in windy conditions without the need for a rudder.

The SS127 was designed by anglers, for anglers and is loaded with features that you won’t find anywhere else. This includes the HiRise(tm) ultra-high seat that allows you to sit with your knees bent and takes pressure off of your lower back. The SS127 also comes with a foldable seat frame and SeatRack(tm) to allow for quiet, easy conversion to a lower position when necessary.