The Benefits of Inclusion

Wheelienet programs can encompass inclusion. The aim of inclusion is to provide opportunities for all people to participate in sports. It is important for students to be aware that having a disability does not mean exclusion from participating in sports or recreation. For example many children are unaware that people in wheelchairs can participate in sports such as swimming or soccer.

The sessions can include discussions on how sports can be modified to allow participation from a broad range of people. For example rules regarding dribbling in wheelchair basketball or allowing some level of movement of chairs to allow people in wheelchairs to play netball.

The aim of this is to outline the sports in which people in wheelchairs can participate and how the sports are modified.

Another example would be able bodied and disabled athletes competing as teams in sports like tennis. One of the other points of inclusion is that it not only includes modifications for people with a disability to compete against able bodied people but for participants with various disabilities to compete against each other. This can include all classification systems for Paralympics sports or the ranking system in sports such as wheelchair basketball and rugby.