About Us

About Us

Disability Recreation & Sports SA (formerly Wheelchair Sports Association of SA)
DRSSA is a leader in providing sporting opportunities to people with disabilities in South Australia.

Objectives of Wheelienet
To raise awareness of wheelchair sport in SA
Encourage safer driving habits
Point out dangers of drinking/drug taking, poor decision making and risk taking in everyday life
Create a greater understanding of people with disabilities and spinal cord injury
Encourage integration and participation by all

Wheelienet Description
Each session comprises the following:
Presentation by presenter
Wheelchair basketball participation
Question time

Who Can Use the Program
Kindergartens, Lower and Upper Primary, High Schools, Corporate Groups, Community Groups, Youth Groups and Sporting Groups.

Direct benefits for your school or Group:
Spinal injury awareness
Provides motivation and inspiration
In some cases, exposure to wheelchair athletes
Thought provoking injury prevention education
Understanding sport for people with disabilities

Format of the Program
Up to 150 students for presentation and maximum 30 students for activity component per session. Wheelchairs are provided.

If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us on Ph: 8234 1533 or email our Wheelienet Coordinator, Belinda Galbraith on belinda@drssa.org.au.

Wheelienet Information Sheet

Disability Recreation & Sports SA conducts visits to kindergartens, school students, corporate groups and the general community about the skills and abilities of athletes in wheelchairs, whilst highlighting care awareness factors—as part of its Wheelienet Disability Awareness Program. The importance of Spinal Cord Injury prevention and the benefits of inclusion are major awareness aims of the program.

We reach thousands of students and adults each year promoting the benefits of an active sporting life, whatever your ability or disability.

The talks raise awareness, encourage acceptance and integration of wheelchair sport and a creates a greater understanding of people with disabilities.

A main issue that Wheelienet targets is the fact that 16 to 24 year olds are over-represented in car crashes for a variety of reasons, including speeding, drug and drink driving.

Trained Wheelienet presenters talk about the importance of sport in all our lives. Some presenters may be sporting role models, athletes in wheelchairs, who speak of how their lives have been enriched and how they have overcome adversity to move forward in their lives, because sport plays a large part in their lives.

Our presenters go directly into schools and corporate and community groups and talk with youth, and talk with adults about the benefits of sport to all and injury prevention. This awareness is age appropriate from indoor/outdoor safe play for kindergarten students through to driving behaviours and the way to increase their own road safety decision making for older participants.

The presentation increases spinal injury awareness and show the consequences of poor choices with risk taking behaviours, highlighting that it can happen to anyone.

The point is further reinforced with a game of wheelchair basketball, where participants are given the unique opportunity to experience wheelchair sports for themselves by competing in a game of wheelchair basketball. The Presenter will visit the venue with a trailer and no less than 10 basketball wheelchairs. This enables the students to feel what it’s like to be in a wheelchair, if only temporarily, as they are able to walk away after the game.

All of this makes the Wheelienet presentation an innovative and unique program designed to access primary and secondary students across the State, as well as our corporate and community friends.

To ensure your visit is a success there are a number of things we need to let you know:

  1. The Wheelienet sessions are based on 45 minutes to 1.5 hour sessions, which includes a presentation and activity component.
  2. Our first session commences no earlier than 9am and the last session must finish by 3.30pm, unless otherwise arranged with the Wheelienet Coordinator.
  3. Our fees are $165 for the 1st session each day and $110 for each subsequent hour on the same day (excluding GST). This covers our overhead costs, such as upkeep of our vehicles, chair maintenance, presenters’ fees and travel costs. We will bring an invoice to you on the day of the Wheelienet Sessions. We rely on these funds to ensure the Program’s longevity, whilst in the process we raise awareness of wheelchair sports, spinal cord injury prevention and the benefit of an active lifestyle.
  4. Once a booking is confirmed you will receive access to worksheets via our website.  These worksheets have been designed to educate the students about topics which will be raised during our visit. Students will need to use research tools, including Disability Recreation & Sports SA website to find the answers to complete the worksheet. The worksheet will not be utilized directly during the session, though students may ask questions from them.