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Wheelchair Rugby is an intense, physical team sport for male and female athletes with spinal cord or nerve damage (quadriplegia or tetraplegia). Exciting for both players and spectators alike, it incorporates elements of several sports including ice hockey style checking, the ball movement of basketball, the scoring of rugby and the use of a volleyball.

The game is played on a hardwood basketball court over four, 8 minute quarters as two teams battle it out using specially designed wheelchairs to crash, block and trap their opponents in attempts to stop them scoring a goal. A goal is scored when a player crosses the opposition’s goal line with possession of the ball. The ball can be carried, dribbled, or passed in any way, as long as it is bounced at least once every 10 seconds.

At a national and international level, players are classified according to their level of functional ability and are assigned a point value from 0.5 to 3.5 points – the higher the points, the more functional ability the athletes have.

DRSSA host local games on Wednesday nights from 5pm – 7pm at the Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Gym which is open to everyone to spectate or participate in. We’re always looking for new players, referees and volunteers!

Program Details

When: Wednesday evenings, 5pm - 7pm

Where: Hampstead Rehabilitation Centre Gym, Hampstead Road, Northfield SA 5085

Cost: Free

Contact: Call DRSSA (08) 8234 1533 or by using the email form

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