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  • (08) 8234 1533
  • Mon-Fri 9am - 4:30pm

DRSSA works alongside Determined2 who offer an Immersion Therapy service, in which people living with an injury or disability can have access to movement and benefits like never before. Immersion Therapy was specifically developed to offer freedom of movement within a weightless environment and work within the well-recognised benefits of the biopsychosocial model. It can also be very rewarding socially as most divers love sharing their stories from around the world and helping others create theirs.

Determined2 have developed a fun, safe and exciting way to experience scuba while never leaving the comfort of your local pool. This removes many of the barriers that make diving difficult for many.

Determined2 can help you:

  • With a feeling of complete weightlessness with freedom of movement
  • Stimulate muscles otherwise rarely used
  • Gain a feeling of accomplishment
  • Connect with a community, with social interaction and inclusion

For more information on Determined2's Immersion Therapy service, visit their website here.

Program Details

Contact: Pete Wilson on 0427 552 296 or email them at peter@determined2.com.au