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DRSSA is here to help the Rolling Stars team to go to the next Nationals Championship League in Melbourne. To be part of the next tournament, the Rolling Stars team need to raise AU$18,000 to cover all costs related to their uniforms, travelling, accommodation, equipment, medical staff, a wheelchair mechanic and a support team.

All of the players on the team truly appreciate the opportunity to be able to play Wheelchair Footy, but for the Healy boys, it really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. This is the first time twin brothers Brodie and Tyson are able to play a sport together. Brodie is living with Cerebral Palsy and is permanently in a wheelchair, Tyson, his twin, is able bodied. Coming from a Footy loving family, the boy's Dad is a Centrals Veteran Player. The boys have always wanted the opportunity to play Aussie Rules Footy. So when Wheelchair Footy was created four years ago the boys were overwhelmed with excitement, especially being on the national team, representing South Australia twice and winning the national championships two years in a row.




Thank you once again for your kindness. You really will be helping our athletes to reach their goals. Our aim is to ensure that every athlete living with a disability has the same opportunities that someone who does not live with a disability has. Without your help we would not be able to help our athletes to be champions for two years in a row.

For any donation enquiries, please call (08) 8234 1533 or email donations@drssa.org.au



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